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Welcome to the Disc Jockey Academy, and thanks for stopping by. Our mission in this project is to offer an amazing resource for DJ education, in a manner that improves on how the existing resources deliver it (which is currently quite chaotic). Our major improvements are as follows;

  • Multiple expert-class instructors – we’re not relying on just one DJ to deliver content, our Courses and Lessons will be delivered by whoever the best person in the industry is on the subject in question.
  • Best-in-class Website – designed and coded by Digitera, the DJ Academy website has a state-of-the-art online video course system, with logical Lesson-grouping within a Course-based organization.
  • Comprehensive Course Categories – our course categories will range far and wide, from the traditional Performance, Music, Gear, Tools and Marketing to include other helpful categories such as Studio Production, Health, Industry Interviews, Resources, Community and more!
  • Content for every country – our courses will be for more than just the USA and Canada. We’ll have content for DJs in every country, delivered by experts from that country.
  • In-Person Training – when online video courses just aren’t good enough to solve your education needs, DJ Academy offers onsite training in your home town, either as a week-long course or even as a company-focused week for the bigger multi-ops out there.

We’re launching on Jan 1st, 2023 with our initial courses, and will have a regular schedule of course releases after that. Our goal is simple…to offer the best coursesĀ  for DJs across the world, at a cost-effective price point, with knowledge and expertise that will help you grow your business. We hope you’ll make use of it, and supercharge your DJ company!

The current state of DJ education is quite chaotic. The Disc Jockey Academy aims to change this for the better, with multiple expert-level instructors delivering up-to-date content in both online video and in-person formats. We hope you make use of it!