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Although Jordan is a tech innovation industry veteran since 2015, he has an extensive background in both the DJ and the Promotions world., and is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between the DJ industry and the world of technology. He’s been speaking for various DJ expo-style shows around the world, including DJX since 2017 and PBX/MEX since 2018. His marketing advice is followed by hundreds of DJs across the globe.

Co-Founder; Mobile Lead

Ross Akselrad is the Owner of Pulse Entertainment/Productions in the Philadelphia area and has been DJing and entertaining for over 30 years. Having performed at thousands of events personally and managed over 10,000 events for his company, Ross has seen and done it all in this industry. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment like Justin Bieber, Salt N Pepa, The Temptations, and so many more and has garnered award after award. Ross has also been an educator for the industry for years teaching seminars and sharing his award winning games and dances with the industry at DJX, PBX, MEE, and more.

Co-Founder; Nightclub Lead

From Brooklyn, DJ Mike Marquez has been a New York City nightclub DJ for well over 2 decades now. Specializing in house, freestyle and club bangers, Mike showed the world how to effectively use Twitch during the pandemic with a world-record 52 weeks straight of live-streaming outdoor DJ sessions all over the 5 boroughs on NYC. He speaks regularly for DJX and MEX to teach DJs how to use live streaming to further their business, which is much appreciated by hundreds of his seminar attendees. Listen in the hallways of the big DJ shows for his catchphrase “What it is, and how you be?”.